Aldo Narejos

Aldo Narejos is a multi-faceted psychologist and artist. He has produced musical productions of all kinds, from rock to dance music, but the work that best defines him is his work as a singer. In combination with his psychology background, he publishes videos on YouTube that offers an original and critical view on the current world of music in a humorous way. Together with his family, he is the director of “NI TE IMAGINAS" productions, where he develops plays and musicals, provides training workshops, and produces any format that requires art for its conception and development. In 2011, he composed and produced "Caravan of Palomos", which immediately became the official anthem for the event of the same name, presented by El Gran Wyoming on the news program “El Intermedio.” (La Sexta TV) This theme, along with "Give me something to suck,” are a part of the music compilation "Caribbean Mix 2011".