Iván Troyano

Iván Troyano is from Tenerife, but is Latin at heart.  The recognized Reggae-ton and Latin music singer began to write songs at only 8 years old. Since then, he began singing in the choir at his school where he learned to master his voice and train his musical ear.
It was here that he would meet his future group-mate, J.M., with whom he would spend ten years together. They began recording their first album and due to an unforeseen event, J.M. left the duet a week before the filming of their first official music video. It would be at this very moment, where Ivan would begin his solo career. This album, and many that followed, were in collaboration with and produced by Lenny (Outlandish) and Yadam González (singer, composer and musician).

Iván Troyano performs covers and original Latin songs, sometimes sharing pieces with well known artists such as Adexe, Nau, or Pitbull.