What is the difference between 2btube and 2btunes?

2btunes is the division of 2btube, specialized in musical content. The channels that are a part of 2btunes have all the benefits of 2btube, as well as some specific advantages: distribution on YouTube Music and more than 80 music platforms (such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon Music) as well as monetization and content protection, thanks to Content ID on the musical CMS (a specialized channel manager that maximizes these benefits).


What are the benefits of the 2btunes Content ID system?

The musical CMS Content ID system allows independent monetization in three aspects: composition, sound, and the image of a video. Therefore, in the case you only own one of these aspects with 2btunes, you can monetize and protect that particular aspect. (For example, if you are a channel that creates covers or versions of songs that others have composed, you can monetize the sound and image of the video).
If you own all 3 aspects, you can monetize completely within your channel. In the case that a person makes a cover or version of your work, you can also monetize the parts corresponding to your composition. (For example, if someone covers your original song, you can monetize the corresponding composition.)


What requirements are needed to be part of 2btunes?

We study each channel that requests to enter the network. This study is both quantitative (subscribers, channel growth, views, etc…) and qualitative (content type, originality, quality of videos, etc…). Based on these points, the decision whether the channel is accepted is made.


How can I join 2btunes?

To request your entry into 2btunes, you must click on this link and log in with your YouTube account. You will receive a response from us within a few days. If your channel is accepted, one of our Talent Managers will contact you to explain all the details and resolve any doubts you may have.


If I join 2btunes, will I still have creative freedom?

Of course, you will be the owner of your content and your channel. We offer advice, but you are free to decide if you want to follow our recommendations.


If I am currently with another network, can I request to join 2btunes?

First, you must check your contract with the other network to see your compliance term or if you can already request the unlinking of your channel. If you do not have permanence and the channel can be disconnected from the network, you can request your incorporation into 2btunes even if you are still linked to that network. We will conduct the study of your channel and if your request is accepted, we will wait for your channel to be disconnected to continue the process.


Do I have to pay something to be part of 2btunes?

If your channel is selected to be part of our network, we will keep a percentage of the benefits generated by your channel. You will not have to pay anything directly.


I want to start a music channel on YouTube, can I do it with you?

We do not offer our services to artists who do not have a channel on YouTube, but if you are an artist with a large community in other social networks, write to us to tell us your project and we will send you an ad-hoc budget.